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Our Story

In 2019 Natural Collection was founded with one simple mission:

 Build a musical instrument stand with the highest emphasis on quality and design. A stand that was designed so beautifully, it grabbed the attention of the room. One that doesn't just hold your instrument, but showcases it in a way that turns your instrument into a piece of functional art that adds to the aesthetic of the room. Whether your an aspiring musician or you just like the way a guitar looks on your wall, Natural Collection products help you display your instruments with style, class and sophistication.

Because we believe you should live with what you love.

guitar player

The business was founded out of a two-car garage in Calgary, Alberta.

 The founder (a passionate woodworker

with an eye for design) was frustrated with the lack of options in the musical instrument space.

He wanted a stand to display his own instruments that was stylish, sophisticated and functional.

Unfortunately, there was one problem; this stand did not exist yet.

And thus, Natural Collection was born. 

the ceo of natural collection stands inspects a walnut guitar stand he made
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Natural Collection Stands logo
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